Cinema Sunday: 20 March 2016

Ebenezer Presents
La Grande Belleza (2013)

Ebenezer Presents invite you to watch this fantastic film which is too bizarre and beautiful to meaningfully describe!

A shimmering coup de cinema to make your heart burst, your mind swim and your soul roar…” | The Guardian

Heady, beautiful, entrancing…” | The Telegraph

Winner of Best Foreign Language Film at both the Oscars and Golden Globe, La Grande Bellezza above all stars Rome. It is a compelling tragicomedy of Italy’s leisured classes in the tradition of Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, a pure sensual overload of richness and strangeness and sadness, but mostly of beauty. Come and watch this phenomenal film with us – you’ll be glad you did – a Sunday afternoon treat!

Sunday 20 March 2016
Doors open 5.00pm for a 5.30pm start
Entry just £8 – includes FREE glass of wine and Italianistic snack!

To book, please RSVP by e-mail to
If you’ve not RSVP’d beforehand and received confirmation then please ring 07879 206543 in case there are no seats available. If you have booked, PLEASE let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend. Other people might have your seats and catering plans are affected.

Would suggest this is a film for adults, for various reasons!
17+ is suggested here Common Sense Media